Print Work

    Examples of Caleb’s work in print:

    The Advertiser: Voters didn't swallow 'pick me or else' line, electing instead colourful minor party characters

    The Daily Telegraph: Unions have sold out to employers

    The Advertiser: As a young person, I look at our growing national debt and I despair for my generation

    The Advertiser: Eddie McGuire's comments about Caroline Wilson were a harmless joke

    The Advertiser: Voter discontent with major parties raises interest level of boring campaign

    The Advertiser: Being conservative doesn't turn you into Satan

    The Advertiser: Unis should be reserved only for academically gifted

    The Advertiser: Class warfare taps into one of the worst human qualities - envy

    The Advertiser: Public broadcaster on the wrong wavelength

    The Daily Telegraph: Why don't feminists fight Muslim sexism

    The Daily Telegraph: So why aren't I a teenage terrorist?

    The Advertiser: Electronic exams could all end in tears

    The Daily Telegraph: Gay marriage is nobody's business

    The Daily Telegraph: This sugar hit won't cure laziness

    The Daily Telegraph: Dear Nanny, can I have my life back please?

    The Advertiser: Young voters sick of Malcolm Turnbull doing a whole lot of nothing

    The Advertiser: Silly burghers take ratepayers for a ride

    The Daily Telegraph: Let's face it: NSW needs a Greater Sydney

    The Advertiser: Don't stifle same-sex marriage debate

    The Daily Telegraph: Turnbull the taxman is due to collect

    The Daily Telegraph: Where have all the Prime Ministers gone?

    The Advertiser: Choice green light for women's empowerment

    The Daily Telegraph: Time for Labor to choose sides

    The Daily Telegraph & The Advertiser: Let the young spend their super

    The Daily Telegraph: Why do we even need a Human Rights Commission?

    The Daily Telegraph: Australia Needs to Harden the %^&* Up

    The Daily Telegraph: Please, Just Leave Australia Alone

    The Daily Telegraph: Too Busy to Teach Our Kids to Read

    The Daily Telegraph: 2016: The Year of Living Outragedly 

    The Daily Telegraph: Idiots Protecting Maiden’s Virtue

    The Daily Telegraph & The Advertiser: Wake Up - This is a Legitimate Threat

    The Daily Telegraph: Why Local Councils Are a Complete Nonsense

    The Daily Telegraph: You Don’t Want Our Vote

    The Daily Telegraph: The Right to a Life of Free Speech

    Mon Droit: Shorten Does Not Fit The Bill

    The Advertiser: Given Mallah’s history, how could ABC give him a platform

    The Daily Telegraph: Dial M for misogyny

    The Advertiser: Many Australian voters don’t have a clue about how the country is run