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Caleb Bond is a Melbourne-based Australian commentator and journalist with a national profile across print, radio and television.

He writes columns for The Advertiser and Herald Sun, covering local, national and international issues with an often irreverent view. He is able to cut through the nonsense and explain to readers what the big issues mean for them.

He is also a host and contributor on Sky News and recentlty starred in SBS documentary Could You Survive on the Breadline.

Caleb has extensive experience on radio, having worked as a commentator for multiple major radio networks across the country.

He also serves on the boards of the Australian International Pedal Prix — the world's largest recumbent tricycle race — and The Breast Screen Initiative, which aims to increase breast screening rates in Australia.

Caleb enjoys red wine, cricket, football, collecting vintage radios and fountain pens and lives with his partner, award-winning author and podcaster Rosie Waterland.

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